Sweet Cheeks Winery’s Wine Club Manager, Brittany Jensen

Wine Country Roots

Growing up in the heart of wine country, Brittany always knew the wine industry held her interest and passion. Looking to make a career change in 2019, coupled with her husband landing a job in his career field in the Eugene area, Sweet Cheeks Winery gained an excellent family member to take care of our wine club members.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Dundee, Oregon

Did you always know you wanted to be in the wine industry?

Growing up in the heart of wine country, I always knew that this industry was something that brought me a lot of interest and passion and wanted to learn more about it. I wasn’t sure how I would step into the industry freshly out of college, just starting to gain a serious appreciation for wine and also teaching. It wasn’t until we moved to Eugene that it just so happened I could branch into the wine world and truly begin to feel like this was the career for me.

What has been your favorite “wine adventure” to date?

My favorite “wine adventure” was a recent visit to the Newberg/Dundee area. I visited Brooks, Domaine Divio and Alexana with a few of my close friends. Not only did we experience amazing hospitality, but each of our hosts provided us with an extensive amount of knowledge on their wines that was approachable and relatable. We felt so welcome at these beautiful wineries and went home with some delicious bottles to enjoy at a later date!

What wine region would you like to explore that you haven’t been to?

Locally in the state, I would love to explore the wineries deeper into Southern Oregon. Outside of the state, I would love to explore California wines and become more familiar with the different regions!

What is your go-to varietal?

My go-to varietal is Pinot Noir!

Prior to each release, Brittany tastes the wines in order to better assist club members with any customizations or food pairings!

Is there a bottle in your cellar that you are holding onto for a special occasion?

Yes! I am holding onto a bottle of Brooks’ 2015 Temprance Hill Pinot Noir to open in July for my three year wedding anniversary.

Are there any bottles you just can’t bring yourself to open in your cellar?

I have a handful of bottles in my “wine cellar” that I am holding onto. Some are simply to age a little bit longer. Some have sentimental value, or I’m waiting to open a particular bottle to celebrate something – these bottles are on the expensive side. They do tempt me daily….

Brittany is known for her culinary talents : especially when it comes to pairing food with wine!

What does a typical day look like for you outside of the winery?

When I am not at the winery, I love spending time with my husband, Dane, and dog, Laina! We like to explore new places, visit other wineries, or just relax at home.

How can Sweet Cheeks Winery Club Members make the most of their membership?

There are so many ways that our members can make the most of their membership! We offer complimentary reservations every day of the week for members with groups of 1-6 people. During your visit, you’ll be able to make the most of your experience by starting off with our seasonal wine flight that includes four pre-selected wines. Wine Club Members can enjoy up to four complimentary tastings during their visit, so it’s a great way for members and their guests to taste through our wines. Some of the wines may be new to them while others may be a revisit from a previous experience.

Another way to make the most of your membership is by staying subscribed to our emails. Sweet Cheeks Winery is thrilled to be bringing back winery and club exclusive events! Wine Club Members receive first access to hearing about these events allowing you to book tickets before anyone else!

Last but certainly not least, members can enhance their benefits by taking advantage of wine and shipping discounts. We love to hear about the wines you are currently enjoying at home with your friends and family! Did you know that you can fully customize your club release? We want our Wine Club Members to enjoy their experience while visiting us in person, and have the option to curate their own experience at home with wines that best suit your palate.

To contact Brittany in regards to joining the wine club or questions about your current membership, email : wineclub@sweetcheekswinery.com