One of the hats I get to wear at work is being our wine club manager. It is honestly one of the best parts of my job. I love creating programming for our members to enjoy and helping our winemaker select club releases to wow your palate. 

I wanted to take some time to answer common questions we receive about our wine clubs. If you ever have questions, comments or just want to chat about wine just shoot me an email –

Why did I receive multiple bottles of the same wine in my release? 

Depending on which club you are in, you will receive two to six bottles of the same wine in any given release. You receive multiple bottles of the same wine so that you can experience that bottle more than once. This allows you to drink a bottle now, try it again with a new recipe, bring a bottle to a gathering with friends or maybe age a bottle or two. In some cases, the wines in your release are only available for a short amount of time, so in that case, we like to help you stock up as well. 

Can I trade my release for other wines?

Absolutely. Our goal is for you to enjoy the wines you receive in each release. If you are coming in to pick up your release you can usually give the wine a taste before accepting it. If you prefer something else just let us know. And if you are having your release shipped, shoot us an email before the release charge date with which wines you would like instead.

How long does my membership last? 

Membership is ongoing. We have some members in our club that signed up the very first week we were open back in 2005! We have also had members who have taken a short break and come back to membership a time or two over the years. My favorite part of our club programs is seeing members form relationships with each other and our team members. Our main goal with our club is to create community, so in our opinion, the longer you stay in the club the more you get out of it.