Vintage Club Release: 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé  

Aromas of meyer lemon and gentle touches of almond extract and a delightful soft salmon color combine together to be an enticing rosé that you cannot wait to try. This mellow and elegant wine deliver a taste of dried apricot, guava, and ripe strawberry. A lively acidity with just a hint of effervescence makes this anything but ordinary and a very food friendly wine.

Grapes being dumped into a large white container

Pairing Suggestions

Tomato Cucumber Salad

This fresh and bright summer salad is the perfect companion to our new 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé. The acidity from the tomatoes is balanced by this wines high-acidity. Tangy flavors in this salad are complimented by orange zest and its expressive strawberry notes that you’ll find in this elegant Rosé, grown from our Estate.

Fun Facts

Did you know our Pinot Noir Rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes? It gets its beautiful flush color by having minimal skin contact before getting pressed.

Vintage Club Release: 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris

If there was a more perfect wine to treat yourself to, this is it. The winemaking process makes this Pinot Gris unique in that it has mellowed through 50% fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This creates a soft palate texture and melds the flavors and aromas effortlessly. Hints of orange zest and peach on the nose and flavors of vanilla bean and a grapefruit finish will delight your senses and make your evening a bit lighter.

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Pairing Suggestions

Chicken with White Wine & Mustard Cream Sauce

Use our 2020 Reserve Pinot Gris for this easy one-pan creamy chicken recipe. This wines soft profile of peach and caramel along with the slight oaky flavors from fermentation will help enhance this white wine sauce.

Fun Fact

After our Reserve Pinot Gris is picked and destemmed, it gets it’s golden color from having overnight skin contact before being pressed that next morning. The golden color is then enhanced by having 50% of the juice fermented in French Oak barrels.

Vintage Club Release: 2019 Vintage Pinot Noir 

Stunning ruby in color with aromas of cherry cola, and dried rose petal draw you in as this Willamette Valley classic delights you with bright flavors of cranberries and red currants. Layers of beet root and toasted hazelnuts give complexity and depth while a splash of bright cherry wash over your palate. A perfect wine for your next charcuterie board night with friends or a movie night in.

Cheer-sing two red wine glasses outside

Pairing Suggestions

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad

With our 2019 Pinot Noir having such bright acidity accompanied by earthy notes and flavors, this Shaved Brussel Sprout salad compliments this wine perfectly by adding just a touch of minerality from the mustard vinaigrette. Nothing like finding a good salad and Pinot pairing!

Fun Fact

Not that we need an actual date to drink Pinot Noir, but August 18th is International Pinot Noir Day – save a bottle from your May shipment to enjoy in August… that is if you can wait that long!

Vintage Club Release: 2018 Reserve Pinot Noir

This is the red wine you will want to keep safely tucked away on your wine rack for the perfect evening with old friends. A heart warming Pinot with aromas of vanilla cherry coke, and clove oil. Delightfully rich flavors of pomegranate reduction, plum and peppercorns meld together for a complex yet perfectly balanced wine. This bigger bodied Pinot Noir stands wonderful on it’s own, or pairs like a dream with a hearty meal.

Woman pouring red wine into a glass

Pairing Suggestions

Sous Vide Ribeye Steak with Compound Butter

Ribeye Steak would be this wines perfect match! Our 2018 Reserve Pinot is big, bold, and berry forward. With Pinot Noir being a versatile and food-friendly wine, you can count on this Pinot’s bold fruity flavors with undertones of spice & oak, to not overshadow, but help enhance the steaks rich & buttery flavors. A must try!

Fun Fact

Our 2018 Reserve Pinot Noir is our boldest Pinot we make. This wine was aged in all French Oak barrels for 18 months – you won’t be disappointed!

Barrel Select Release: 2019 Davis Pinot Noir

This classic Pinot Noir is the perfect representation of the southern Willamette Valley. Jewel toned in color and earthy notes of clove, dried sage as well as marionberry preserve on the nose. A playful acidity comes through in the form of tastes of blackberry tart followed by some grounded earthy notes of black truffle, cedar, and a warming nutmeg finish to round out the experience. Each sip is a journey and the perfect treat to save for your next get away or night in.

Sweet Cheeks vineyard and landscape

Pairing Suggestions

Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

Our 2019 Davis Pinot Noir is fruit-forward with notes of cherry cola, and ripe strawberry. This makes for an enjoyable wine to pair with a hearty dish that’s rich in cheese & fresh herbs. The undertones of earthy flavors is beautifully balanced with bright acidity making each bite you take crave a sip of this elegant and easy to drink Pinot.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Davis Vineyard is a small Vineyard located in Junction City, OR with Sweet Cheeks Winery being the sole buyer of their grapes? How cool is that! This makes for an extra special wine for our Barrel Select members!