That First Date

10. You’re nervous for your first date with that super cute person in marketing and second guessing your outfit. Pour yourself a glass of Dry Rosé, turn on your favorite “pump up” song, and feel that positive energy. You look fantastic. 

Our Dry Rosé is the perfect sidekick when you’re nervous for a first date

The Dreaded Garage Re-organization

9. You walk into your garage and decide to channel your inner Clea & Joanna from “The Home Edit” and finally get the space in order. You know the Red Fusion will be at your side cheering you on – being a blend, this wine knows all about organizing and balancing. 

Helping With Math Homework

8. Your fourth grader asks you to help with math homework. Get yourself a glass of Estate Pinot Noir. You may think you forgot how to do long division, but dig deep and return to your roots – you got this. You’ve also got Google. 

Math homework with the kids? Quick, grab a glass of Estate Pinot Noir.

Watching Your Favorite Western-Themed Movie

7. Watching your favorite Western-themed movie and find yourself thinking about the time you considered going to the rodeo in hopes to catch the eye of a real cowboy. A glass of Tempranillo is the only way to go – rich tannins that make you feel like you are on a front porch rocking chair overlooking your horses grazing peacefully in the pasture. 

Trying Out Your Green Thumb

6. Planted your garden seeds knowing full well they won’t ever produce anything useful. A glass of Pinot Gris will cheers your green thumb efforts and also be there for you when the tomato plant begins to wilt. 

Gardening guru or not, Pinot Gris is the perfect sidekick.

Life Decisions

5. You’ve come to the conclusion that your path in life needs a detour, but you don’t know where to start or where to go. Many times Riesling feels the same – sometimes it’s best dry, sometimes it’s best sweet. Take a deep breath and start writing down all of the possibilities with a glass of Riesling at your side. 

Cooking For the In-Laws

4. You may have over-cooked the very expensive beef tenderloin you worked so hard to prepare for your in-laws coming by on Christmas Eve. The Reserve Pinot Noir will never let you down. A little drizzle on the beef and a large glass all around will make your spirits bright. 


3. You decide to try something new and face all kinds of criticism. A glass of Chardonnay will help you prove all the critics wrong – soon you will find they all follow suit. Look at you, trendsetter! 

The Power Is Out

2. The power is out, you are down to your last candle, and all you have in your cupboards is Peanut M&Ms and food that needs electricity to cook – I speak from experience that Syrah is your best side-kick. Put your feet up, grab a book, and enjoy every sip along with a peanut M&M. 

Celebration Time

1. You’ve conquered that huge milestone you never thought you would reach. The Trio Sparkling wine is right there with you, sparkling, celebrating, and telling you that all good things happen in time. It was worth the wait. Soak it in.