The passion, the people, the stories behind the wine

Four Sweet Cheeks winery employees smile for a photo

Continuing a Legacy

In December of 2018, we found ourselves without our fearless leader, the constant improver, the one with the grit to do it himself. The one

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Sweet Cheeks winemaker posing against an oak wine barrel

Our Winemaker’s Story

After growing up in the Philippines, Leo’s dedication to building a new life for his family led him to Oregon – and eventually to Sweet

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Founder, Dan Smith, holding a cup of coffee, overlooking the vineyard.

Our Founder’s Story

There are two things “you never forget” about Sweet Cheeks Winery. One being the name, and second being our Founder, Dan. Those who visited the

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Five events team members smiling for a photo

Meet the events team

Behind the scenes of all the weddings, fundraisers, private parties, and corporate gatherings that we host are our amazing events duo Norah Haughian, our wedding

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